Holiday Rant 

​So people complain about big retailers being open on Thanksgiving for door buster deals and  workers should be home celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday with their family. Some of you know I’m of native American decent so your argument is invalid with me… 
Thanksgiving started when the Europeans aka pilgrims came to America and the native American people welcomed them and fed them. Yep I’m sure we all learned that in school. What we didn’t learn was that many of our ancestors were raped and killed after that, so please remind me why I should be celebrating this holiday? I’m thankful everyday and I celebrate it by waking up and getting out of bed each day. My health isn’t the greatest and my body is constantly in pain. I personally cannot walk at times without my knees giving out which causes me to fall and be in more pain.  Yes I’m thankful because it could be worse. I could be sicker than what I am. 
Now back to this Thanksgiving holiday rant and how big retailers profit off of this… 
Omg I should be ashamed of myself because I participate in grey Thursday/Thanksgiving shopping. Screw that. I’m on a limited income and even though I cannot give my children the best things in life, I can certainly try my best to provide a decent Christmas to remember at a price that is within our families budget. 
One thing many people fail to remember is Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. When Jesus was born he received 3 gifts from the 3 wise men. 3 gifts not 30. I’m not knocking those parents that can and will go overboard but everyone has their opinion on how they handle the holidays in their home and they have that right and who am I really to say something. 
Now this Thanksgiving I participated in grey Thursday/black Friday shopping experience with my 9 year old daughter Ava. I wanted her to see what I go through to make sure she and her sisters have a decent Christmas. I suffer from severe anxiety and panic attacks along with arthritis and fibromyalgia to name just a few things, so standing in a line for 1-3 hours in a crowded store is not the best idea for someone like me. It can be traumatic at times. 

So our Thanksgiving came and we went to church like we normally do and then had a Thanksgiving dinner afterwards at our church. That has been our family tradition since my daughter was just a baby and had a taste of some mashed potatoes at like a month old. After dinner at church dad and the babies got dropped off at home and Ava and I had some quality shopping together.  

Now I prepared my 9 year old for what could possibly happen. She knew we had to stand in line and wait 3 hours and we couldn’t leave our spot or someone else would take our spot. She also knew that if we didn’t get to the store early enough we may not have a spot as the toy she wanted was probably very limited. She also knew that someone may even try to reach into our cart and take said toy if we weren’t paying attention.  Now granted I could’ve just bought the stupid toy online for 3-10x what the regular price was but like I stated earlier I’m on a limited income because of my health and sadly it would be been her only gift which she may have understood. Anyways, I thought I prepared her for every possible scenerio I could as a mother. Now I know some of you are probably thinking what mother in their right mind would take their 9 year old child black Friday shopping? This mother. The town we live in is pretty small so our Walmart isn’t as crazy as most you would see on the news, but it does get busy because we are close to the canadian border which all the customers in front of us were canadian. 

Now on to the learning experience. My daughter and I waited in this line for this hatchimal toy. I have 4 daughter’s ages 9,5,4 and 2 and they all want one. I also have a 9 year old great niece I adore who wants one. I told my daughter who asked for a hatchimal, makeup and jewelry for Christmas that if she wanted one she had to wait in line for it and had to work for it. Now my daughter has always been a little spoiled but she’s always appreciative of what she gets. Last year she wanted a zoomer kitty for Christmas and it was $80 so we settled with a zoomer zuppy which was more than half the price but garbage. She always helps out with her little sisters but is hard-headed about cleaning her bedroom like most kids. She tries her best in school and is very kind-hearted and sweet. She’s nice to everyone and has manners and uses them even when she isn’t at home. I made a deal with her. If she cleans her room and cooperates with the dentist she gets her hatchimal early. If she doesn’t she waits for Christmas and if she misbehaves I sell it or give it to her sisters. 

Now my daughter is 9, she doesn’t have many Christmases left to believe in Santa Claus. She recently had a conversation with her step dad which made her question if Santa was really real. I know soon we will eventually have that talk and she will be told not to spoil the surprise for her little sisters. 
Anyways back to the experience. We waited in the hatchimal line. We were there at 3pm for the 6pm deal. We were already the 3rd group in line. She was #7 and I was #8. We were told their were only 18 available at our store. That sucked for some that didn’t come early because they were actually enjoying their Thanksgiving with family, but was great for us. We were asked how many by another associate and we told them 2. One for her and one spare for whichever kid left in our family. We were the first group in our line that actually had a shopping cart. I had already picked up a child’s table for my toddlers beforehand because it rang up the 6pm deal price but not from the 6pm deal pile. Same thing went for sweatpants in our cart too that came off the regular shelf but rang up the sale price. One thing I always do is scope out what is where and if it’s a regular item at the store I check and see if it rings up cheaper. It passes the time as well as saves time for when it really gets busy and were already headed for the checkout line. 

Anyways. The associate was talking to my son’s father’s widow which always gives me dirty looks when I’m shopping on her shift before bracelets were handed out at 4pm. Now I can only assume she had a part in the associate purposely making my child cry.  Once the associate got to us he told us we could only have one bracelet and it was one bracelet per shopping cart. He had already placed the bracelet on my wrist and that made my daughter cry hysterically. He told me she needed a cart. I ran around the corner a couple aisles down while in pain to get my child a cart. Then he proceeded to tell me that i had to go in the back of the line. Now my daughter is still crying and he didn’t care. I told him that we weren’t moving to the back of the line and we both were already counted for our bracelet. Thankfully he gave us a bracelet because hell probably would’ve broken out by mama cub in protect mode of her baby cub once my initial shock wore off. Nowhere in their ad did it state one bracelet per customer or family WITH A SHOPPING CART because I would’ve given her a cart and I would’ve sat on a motorized scooter in the beginning of our shopping experience. Now the people behind me were in shock the associate made her cry. Some had to run and grab carts themselves. Even though my daughter and I were singled out in the line and discriminated against she got her bracelet and the jerk put it on so loose that it could’ve fallen off of her wrist. 

Now in the end, yes my daughter got her bracelet and her hatchimal toy but experienced a store employee not a customer being rude to her having no compassion at all for her or her feeling. Yes, she learned a few valuable lessons that day. She learned that not everyone is going to be nice to you. She learned that even grown adults will hurt children and bully them. She learned that sometimes rules do not apply to everyone. She also learned a little bit about discrimination as well. 

Now even after everything is said and done my daughter is still upset about the associate that made her cry. I’m upset that we were singled out/discriminated against and he made her cry even though we have our hatchimals. Another thing she learned is to appreciate this specific toy because she not only had to wait in line with 20 other people but the associate purposely made her cry for it as well. 

Now if you asked me if I would do it again, probably not and I would’ve sat in line for the toy and the other children in our family would’ve been without. If you ask her, she may do it again but she’d punch the associate in the stomach with a baseball bat, which would also be another valuable lesson to stand up to someone who is bullying you.  Yes it sounds bad, but this is coming from a 9 year old who is picked on by her so called friends who don’t have what she has because their parents choose to go out drinking all the time and even picked on by her baby sister who will be 3 in January. 

Here is my review on the experience at my local Wal-Mart.


Girls halter bathing suit 

My daughter is 8, she is a little chunky around her belly, bum and thighs so I usually get her a size 10. I decided to order a size 12 since I wasn’t sure how well these fit and the 12 fits her perfectly.

We loves this halter dress swimsuit. It is stylish and covers everything that needs to be covered. One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to children’s clothing is that most manufacturers make them show too much which my 8 year old is not allowed to show. Obviously this company has children and standards on how a little girl should dress.

Overall this is a beautiful swimsuit. It does run slightly small so I suggest to order a whole size up. Like I said my daughter wears a 10 and I ordered the 12 just to be safe. We are both satisfied although I wish their were more color options on this style.

I received this swimsuit at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. Thank you.

Bumper balls 

​At first I wasn’t sure what to make of these inflatable bubble balls. They looked like fun but I was concerned on whether they would pop while my wild animals I call children were playing with them. I was sadly mistaken.

The inflatable balls didn’t take very long to set up. Sadly we misplaced our electric air pump and our hand pumps weren’t cutting it so I had to blow them up by mouth. It took less then 15 minutes for myself to manually blow each ball up which was a total of less than 30 minutes by mouth. These balls will inflate within minutes with an electric pump which I definitely recommend using as you will be too tired from blowing them up to use them yourself.

Now once I had them inflated it was time to put them to use. I’m sure we could’ve let the kids play inside with them, but since we had a fairly decent day outside it was best to use them outside.

We took a walk around the corner to my daughters friends house to grab the kids and go to the field to put them to use. All the kids, teens and adults thought they were pretty cool. Score one for this mom. 🙂

Now my daughter and her friend are both 8 years old and my daughter’s friends sister is 6-7 years old. The kids slid right inside and went to work bumping into each other and having some good old fashioned fun outside. Now I’m about 5’6″ and 200 lbs and I fit nicely inside as well and had some fun bumping into my kid.

I did notice that the bumper balls did deflate a little with some excessive use, but that’s to be expected with any inflatable product.

Overall this is a great outdoor toy for the whole family. It’s easy to inflate and so much fun. I could recommend them although I only gave them 4 stars because they seem to be more expensive then others I have seen.

I received these bumper balls at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. Thank you.

Multi use radio/flashlight

My daughter just recently started girl scouts. We have some camping trips coming up starting in may and we are getting our things together for our trips.

This weather radio is pretty cool. It has AM/FM radio as well as a weather radio along with an antenna to get proper reception.

Besides having a radio, it has a flashlight so we can use it to see in the dark when we are going to the bathroom or maybe even to gather sticks for s’mores.

Along with the flashlight this has a built in phone charger to charge your phone or other devices in case of an emergency.

This multi purpose flashlight can be charged by the solar panel on top with the sun, the hand crank on the back and even the charger. It comes with everything one would need to charge it up and use it as a charger.

Overall this is a very handy radio and highly recommended.

I received this weather radio for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. Thank you.

My Amazon Addition

Roughly 2 years ago, my cousin Courtney told me about this website called smiley 360 that she would get free full sized samples of items to test and review. I thought that was so cool. I had 3 small children at home and anything free we could actually use would definitely come in handy with 2 babies in diapers. Once I had got my first product on from smiley (which happened to be children  Mucinex) their were ways to get more points to better my stats on the website. I vaguely remember 50 bonus points if I wrote a review on Amazon. I had never had an Amazon account in my life previously before that. Most of my online shopping was from direct sites or Walmart dot  com. I opened up my account and found the item and wrote my review on it. Then…. 
Then I kept stumbling upon reviews for some neat things and most of the reviews had what I learned to be a disclaimer. I’m thinking to myself how cool is this. I want to get free items in exchange for an honest review. Then another one of my cousins Lori told me about this review group she was in. Their were only a few of them at the time. I remember once I got the hang of things and how the group was ran when they would post their items. My first review item from the group was a collapsible strainer. At the time it was all new to me and the neatest thing ever. I still have it btw and still use it. My addiction was awful just awful now that I look back on it. I became an addict, the group owners became my dealers and the products became my drug. I stalked the heck out of this review group and kept refreshing until they posted something and I would comment me real quick on the post and after my comment was already posted actually see what I opted in for. Most of the time I took my comment back and deleted it because I didn’t want the item. I would post pictures of all the cool stuff I got to review. Then my friends and other family started asking me about this reviewing that I was doing and of course they wanted a piece of the pie. Do you blame them? Of course not. 

Next came getting my friends and family into reviewing and my one friend Melissa and I went on a mission look for our next fix. We searched Facebook for other review groups and requested to join. The conversations we had over not being picked for an item at the time we were as serious as a heart attack, but now that I look back on it, kind of find it hysterical. I only say kind of because this addict really felt the rush and adrenaline flowing. 

Over the course of finding groups, more eventually kept popping up. We started to have more and more options. Sadly we had come across a few groups that we didn’t want to be apart of. One was asking us to do things that weren’t morally right and breaking rules. Another group we found the owner was a clear nutcase beyond the point of medication. The owner needeed to clearly be institutionalized. That owner would scream and cuss and talk down to her reviewers. I being the opinionated person I am made an enemy real quick with that one. I refused to be put down and called names by some woman I’ve never met when I barely tolerate that behavior from my own mother who gave birth to me. Now that’s a different blog post. I don’t care if she was offering 24kt gold John Holmes dildos for crying out loud. No item was worth being treated like crap. 

Then after 3 months into reviewing a seller approached me and asked me if I wanted to test a couple items. I of course accepted. The next day she asked me to see if some of my friends wanted to test some things that happened to be adult toys. No group had really offered adult toys that much, but when they did it was a huge success. She then asked me to open up a review group and that’s when happy hour was born in January of 2015. I thought the name was fitting as we mainly had adult toys to make everyone well… Happy. Lol. Happy hour became the place to be. Honestly. Everyone wanted in and we had a waiting list for new members. To my review group owner friends I became the smut promoter. Hey, someone had to do it. 

Now during my time reviewing other reviewers and myself would post pictures of our mail hauls. It was like the bigger the haul the better. And of course it’s like where did you get that and can I have the link. The hauls became an addition as well. I became familiar with my delivery men. I would meet them at the street eagerly awaiting my presents. I would even joke about my ups man being my boyfriend. Tuesdays became my big mail haul day. I waited impatiently until 6pm when my ups would deliver. I swear he made me his last stop before going home. I would joke how he is home for dinner. I swear I had this intuition I could hear him down the street. Our relationship got to the point he would beep as he pulled up in front of the house, like honey I’m home. My UPS man wasn’t that great looking of a guy, but I definitely didn’t want to look like a hot mess when he delivered my stuffs. I remember my first month into reviewing my hometown of Buffalo got 7 feet of snow. It ended up being called snoNovember. My packages were stuck in Buffalo and since I was closer to Niagara Falls I’d say something like It isn’t that much snow as I’m looking outside and we have maybe 6-8″ of snow. I was selfish. People were stuck in their homes, others stuck in their cars dying and all I could think about was my power bank I needed. Selfish. May those that lost their lives during that storm rest in peace. 

I slowly cut down on my ordering and reviewing. Why? Because my spouse was complaining about all the boxes and how it had consumed my life. It’s not like my life was very exciting outside of reviewing. I needed to cut down because my apartment was turning into an episode of hoarders. I had duplicates or more of just about everything I could get. My theory was because someone I know may need one too. I mean what’s wrong with having my loved ones around not benefit from this time consuming hobby/addiction I had acquired? Nothing. Nothing at all. I’ve been able to provide my family with gently used gifts just because and for holidays or other special occasions. 

Some of my favorite items that have come from reviewing are power banks. How does one live without one. I love the ones with the bigger mAh. I remember the show home improvement and Tim Allen would get all hyped up over power tools and their power, well that’s how I am with my power banks. 10,000 mAh or more is a must have for me as I’m always on my phone and it is always dying. 

Another one of my favorite things to review are charging cords. Omg with 8 cell phones and 5 tablets in the house I go through a charging cord a week. My mother suggested that I use an extension cord and charge my phone throughout the house. My favorite cords would have to be the 6′ and 10′ cords because I can sit on the opposite side of the couch and charge my phone and play cookie jam or be nosey on Facebook. 

Another must have for me would be android TV boxes. Omg they have so much potential. With a $165 cable bill I feel like the cable company has told me to bed over and take it in the rear. Um no thanks. I have plenty of toys provided by happy hour to take it up the rear if needed. 

Another thing I can’t live without is my mud masks and facial serum. 

Essential oils has also become a must have in my house. 

My new favorite item is my pancake batter dispenser. Omg how did I ever live without one? Oh ya, that’s right I made pan sized pancakes that would break when I flipped them. Now I can make perfect sized pancakes. Now I’m also thinking my copper non stick pan pan also may have helped in the perfect pancake. 

Clothes. My family has gotten all types of clothing items which definitely saves on out budget. I think one of my favorites is my daughter’s personalized scrubs. She will now be a doctor for Halloween along with her big sister. 

Kitchen items. Omg I’m a kitchen gadget junkie. I can never have enough utensils or gadget’s. 

Adult coloring books and accessories. I love my swear word coloring books and gel pens even though most of the sets have the pastel colors which suck in my eyes, but the rest of the sets are nice. 

The list could go on and on on things I love and some I may even write more about later on. 

Recently Amazon updated their reviewer guidelines which put an end to reviewing free or discounted items on Amazon in exchange for a review. It rocked the review community, but one of the first things I said was that I’m in too deep. Honestly I’d probably need to be hospitalized if I wasn’t able to search and shop and review on Amazon. Everyone was thinking that’s the end. Ok goodbye. Nope not me. I know I have other options and I fully intend to use them. I have my blogs, and my social media accounts as well as my YouTube channels and other accounts on other sites that I can still leave a review on, so ha in your face Amazon if you think you can get rid of all of us, but that is another post. Lol. 

Now sadly it is just a waiting game. Waiting for the the emails from the sellers to try an item then I have to try and I guess whore myself out there and sell them to allow me to review on this thing we call a blog. 

Well that is all for tonight and until we meet again. 

Thank you for reading and I hope you got a few laughs and insight to my Amazon addiction.


Fitness tracker watch 

I’m not big on fitness, although I need to be and this fitness tracker watch is sure helping me. I’ve never owned a fitbit but this watch does just about everything that a fitbit does.

I’ve had this watch about a week now. It came partially charged and it didn’t take long to top the charge off before using it. I was able to easily install the veryfit 2.0 app with no issues on my old phone, my daughters phone and even my new phone that isn’t even compatible with the Amazon app. Syncing the watch to my Bluetooth and app were a breeze. I did notice that the fully charged watch lasted about 3 days before it needed to be charged. Charging it is also very easy. It plugs right into a USB port to charge. Since we have more than a fair share of electronics in our home we have several surge protectors with USB ports just waiting to plug in spare chargers for phones, tablets, Bluetooth speakers, headphones, etc.

One thing i noticed about this watch is that it is waterproof. I forgot to take it off while doing dishes one day and when I noticed it was on I was happy that it still worked and I didn’t get shocked. Although I do take the watch off when I do dishes or shower, but that is probably out of habit.
The purple band happens to be my favorite color. It feels like a thick plastic material. It stretches nicely to place the watch part in when its charged and easy to take the watch out when needed to be charged. The band is also adjustable. One thing I noticed about the band is that I have a hard time trying to put the snaps in the designated holes for proper fit.

The watch itself has several neat functions. I happen to like the heart rate as well as the step counter as well as the calories burned features along with other features I’m not fully aware of yet because I honestly didn’t read the manual to see which was what but I will in due time.
Now the veryfit 2.0 app that works with the watch is pretty neat. I love the sleep map on it which shows how much actual sleep I get. It shows the light and deep sleep that I get most nights. The reason I say most nights is because I like to charge the watch while sleeping. Wish the app would tell me which hour I get the best sleep at.

Overall this is a great fitness watch. It is affordable at 2-3x less than a fitbit. The watch and the app are very easy to use. I do think that the snaps on the wristband and the battery life could use a little improvement, but other than that I’ve had no issues with this watch.

I received this fitness watch at a discounted price during a product launch to test and leave my honest and unbiased review on. Thank you.

You can purchase the watch by clicking this link.

EA Aromacare Essential Oils

I love my essential oils as well as my essential oil diffusers. I love the health benefits that come from using essential oils. I have a large collection of essential oils, but they aren’t as pure as they claim to be. This set of oils are very nice. I have personally opened each bottle and used them already, mainly in my diffuser in my bedroom.


In this set it comes with 6 small bottles of popular oils which include lemongrass, eucalyptus, tea tree, bergamot, lavender and peppermint. It also comes with a pamphlet of the many uses of the popular scents of these essential oils.

Lemongrass- an uplifting light citrus scent that is used as an analgesic and an antidepressant among other uses. I mix mine with bergamot to uplift my mood throughout the day.

Eucalyptus- has that Vicks vapor rub scent without the burning on your skin. It helps with congestion during cold and flu season. I actually used some last night as I could feel the pressure building up in my sinuses.

Tea tree oil- not my favorite smelling oil, but mostly used in our home. It has many uses, but we use it to help treat and prevent dandruff as well as preventing head lice. we use a few drops per fl oz in our shampoos. Like I stated its not my favorite smelling, but it has helped keep the nasty head lice away which is far worth the smelling experience.

Bergamot- has many uses but I use it to help relieve stress, anxiety and depression. I mix it with lemongrass in my diffuser.

Lavender- now I am somewhat sensitive to too much of this scent. If I use too much it does cause me to get a migraine headache. It does help with headaches as well as its calming effects that promote sleep. We use it in our diffusers at night to help the kids with a good nights sleep.

Peppermint- has many uses as well but we use it in our shampoo as well as our mop water. When we combine it in our shampoo we are helping treat and prevent dandruff. When we use it in the mop water we use it to keep ants and spiders out of our home.

These are just a few examples of what these oils can be used to help with around the house.

I received this fine set of essential oils at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

This set can be found on Amazon by simply clicking this link. Thank you.

Colore chalkboard labels


Chalkboard labels have become a big hit in our home. They are reusable and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are also dishwasher and refrigerator safe for those that like to can their own food like pasta sauce or pickles and just about anything in between.

These labels are round in shape and come in a pack of 54. Their are 18 labels on each sheet and between the 3 sheets they have 30 small, 12 medium and 12 large labels. The large labels are good for canisters like flour, sugar, coffee. The medium labels are good for canning. The smaller labels are good for glasses.

I plan on using my smaller labels on smaller glass bottles so I can divide my essential oils up and share them with friends and family. I tried to write on these labels with my chalkboard markers, with some results. I would prefer to use a finer pointed tip chalkboard pen for the smaller labels as it would look nice and neat and not as sloppy as in the picture.


Now, like I stated these labels are reusable. You can wipe them clean especially if you make a mistake which is great. With papered labels, you would normally have to waste the label and throw it away, but not with these. Simply wipe them away and the label doesn’t really show what was written on it beforehand.


This set of Chalkboard labels also comes with a blank door hanger, which is pretty neat. I decided to personalize mine to my daughter’s reading ability as she does not know a lot of words just yet.



These labels are pretty neat and with a bunch of kids in the house they come in handy.

I received these chalkboard labels at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Tea Commission Stainless Steel French Press

So I got this stainless steel French press to test and review and mine did not come with instructions. I didn’t think anything of it because I am not one to actually read instructions anyways. I like to figure stuff out on my own. Big mistake that was.


Well I opened up my French Press and cleaned it and boiled some water in a pan on the stove because I lack a tea kettle. I then poured the water inside and then added the coffee grinds to the top of the French Press. Big mistake. This is not how you make coffee.


So once I placed the cover on I proceeded to pour a cup of coffee for my fiance because he’s the coffee drinker in the house. Oh boy oh boy. What a mess. (Yes it’s ok to laugh at me) Coffee grounds floating at the top. Lol. 


So then I had this epiphany, that obviously I was doing it all wrong. Oops. I decided to place all the contents back into my pan that I originally used to boil water with and I ended up trying to unscrew the top of the lid. Idk what went through my mind to have such a genious idea, but the lid and stuff fell apart. I had to dump everything out and fish for the bottom part of the lid. I made a huge mess everywhere.


Now, I decided to clean up my mess and start over. I poured everything back into my French Press and let it sit and finish making the coffee. Above is the improper way to make coffee using the French Press.

Here is the correct way to make coffee. Add the hot water and coffee into the carfe part and then add the lid to the top. Wait a couple minutes and then pour your coffee into your coffee cup.


Omg, why didn’t I know it was that simple. Lol.

Now overall this is a nice stainless stellar French Press made to make a couple cups of coffee. I am slightly concerned that the lid that I have detached is smaller then any other French Press that I have seen on the market.


My fiance said the coffee tasted good,  but I don’t think I made it as strong as he normally likes it, which is fine. It just proves more user error on my end and more laughs on your end.

I received this stainless steel French press for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

To purchase this stainless steel French press for yourself simply follow this link.

More information regarding this item from their listing.

About this item

Love loose leaf tea or fresh ground coffee but do not want sediment floating in your cup or pot?

Love using a French Press but disappointed with the quality and durability?

Bored with traditional tea or coffee makers and want to upgrade your drinking experience?

Introducing the French Press, Best Teapot/Coffee Pot -1 Liter made of Stainless Steel by the Tea Commission

From the workday rush to enjoying the weekend or a special occasion, rediscover the satisfaction of a Barista quality beverage in the comfort of your own home. Whether you use fresh ground coffee or aromatic tea leaves, this brewer will provide a perfect brew without draining your wallet. The ideal tool which will add that special something to every cup. Indulge in the guilty pleasure of luxurious design and quality by yourself or in the company of others.


MORE PORTABLE and SELF CONTAINED than other Tea or Coffee Makers. It can be used anywhere anytime. At home, the office, camping, you choose. Rather than listen to the rumble of a conventional brewer, close your eyes and smell the aroma of pure indulgence that your French Press will fill your surroundings with.ECONOMICAL and ECO-FRIENDLY: Not only will you enjoy delicious beverages from the comfort of your home, you’ll save money! Did you know? Used Tea leaves and Coffee Grounds are great for the garden or compost!EASY TO USE AND CLEAN: Simply add tea or coffee to the pot, add water and insert the plunger and steep. When done, just rinse out the plunger and pot. The carafe is dishwasher safe but is so easy to clean we recommend hand wash. Spend less timing cleaning and more time enjoying your beverage of choice!BUY ONE FOR YOURSELF AND AN EXTRA TO KEEP ON HAND: for a Birthday, Teachers gift, Mother’s day, Father’s Day, Wedding, Graduation, Housewarming or any special occasion.PROFESSIONAL QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL: The Polished Mirror finish is not only beautiful but also durable. It will stand up to daily use. It is versatile, so you can change it up – use for tea, coffee and cold beverages as well. This Press will not rust or break – it is built to be used over and over. Not all presses are made the same. Look closely at this work of art and note that every inch has been carefully constructed. The fine screen filter means you will not find sediment in your cup. Capacity of this Pot: 1 liter or 34 Ounces.